Every year thousands of popular science books are published, mostly in English language, to feed readers’ imagination and provide useful knowledge on scientific discoveries and research subjects which evoke a sense of wonder and make people marvel at the incredible scientific world we live in the last decades. This review explores the subject of popular science books in English language which is the most widespread now in the world of globalization. It lists the best and most interesting popular science books which have been published in the year 2022. Scientists and writers hope that science books with interesting titles and popularized content will not just educate; but it will also enlighten and entertain most book readers. A well written and thoughtful popular science book has the power to transform a dry subject that you dreaded in school into a mind-boggling and captivating story. Popularized science books can present a different perspective on the science world and worldwide research activities to the young reader who has decided to follow academic education and postgraduate studies. Every year thousands of science books are published in most languages, but mostly in English,  and are available on a huge variety of science and technology topics. The question is which one to choose? This review presents a short history of popular science book publishing and some of the most famous and bestselling popular science books of the last century. How many books are published per year in English language. The answer is more complicated than you’d think. Figures range from 500,000 to one million books published annually. However, if you include self-published authors you’re looking at close to 4 million new book titles published each year. This review collected and presented a list of the best popular science books that  book readers should not miss out. There are many published books which contain captivating accounts of the history of the planet and universe. Also, book that have illuminating insights into the human mind and human body, biochemistry subjects, food science and chemistry applications. These books make science accessible to all and the popular science list have a great variety of subjects, something for everyone, whether you are interested in understanding how everyday objects work or the intricacies of how the universe came to be. This review includes a mix of bestselling popular science classics as well as modern popular science releases. This list is not a ranking, since each of the books covers a different topic, but each one has something special and unique to offer. So, be prepared to get your mind blown with the list of the best popular science book published in the last 5 years and especially in the last year, 2022.