Valavanidis, A., 2008. Ecotoxicology and environmental toxicology. Research methodology for ecological risk assessment of hazardous chemicals. 2nd edition, Synchrona Themata, Publs, Athens.

This book is the 2nd edition of a book published in 1997. The first book was written parallel to major developments in the science of ecotoxicology and environmental toxicology. The present edition reflects the progress and experience since 1997 and again aims at providing background and training material to the students of the MSc course “Environmental Chemistry and Technology”. The book is an introduction to environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology and contains basic background information on sources, emissions, distribution and fate processes for the estimation of exposure of plant and animal species in the environment and humans exposed via the environment, consumer products, and at the workplace. This book includes chapters on ecology, biochemistry, population dynamics, chemical interactions, etc., as well as information on data requirements, data estimation methodologies and intelligent testing strategies.

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